Why Us

Why invest in a chair, you ask?

Because you invest a better part of your life sitting on it. Ergo, be it home or office, our chairs are meant for hustle. We not only craft excellent seating solutions but also guide you to find the right fit for your set-up. Our Seating Expert will ask you multiple questions about your specific requirement like space of use, style, health issues if any, prefered design and colour scheme and budget. Our expert accordingly suggests the best fit within your selected parameters.

Maxiims is a one-stop solution for all chairs because our product range is the right mix of premium comfort, super body engineering and aesthetics.

Why Us?

We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. Every chair is an opportunity to make someone comfortable at their desk. And we take our responsibility seriously.

  • Certified by the Industrial Design Centre of IIT Mumbai for Ergonomic design and manufacturing of chairs.

  • Proud recipient of ‘The Best Innovative Ergonomic Design’ Award at the India Furniture Expo 2019.

  • Medically recommended by physiotherapists for improving posture & providing back pain relief

  • 26+ years industry experience in serving corporates, institutions & individuals

  • Pan-India shipping & post-sales service

This is especially important if you are an interior designer. Because along with design and aesthetics, your clients also expect functionality and a pleasant user experience. They want products to be ergonomically designed, easy to use & a delight to operate. And when this happens, you end up getting more projects and an opportunity to help more people. Hence, understanding needs at a deeper level gives you much more than asked from a chair.

Brilliant product and service! Unlike typical chair shops, they treat sitting solutions as a science, helping you find the perfect chair with the best shape, size, form, and fabric, down to the final bolt - customized foryou. All this backed by great customer service! Since this is something that affects each one of us, I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Dharmaraj Solanki
Chief Minister’s Fellow, Government of Maharashtra

What We Do?

We make ergonomic seating solutions since 1994. This term was mostly unheard of, back then. In the quest to craft the perfect chair, we realized that we spend most of our working hours seated at the desk. Add to that bad posture, uncomfortable seating and lack of lumbar support which leads to chronic back problems. Hence, our single-minded focus is to offer correct, comfortable seating solutions for long sitting hours.

Our chairs took the industry by storm, and the positive feedback helped us better ourselves. We have contributed to the overall wellness factor of many leading industry players, for 25 years and counting.


Maxiims Chairs reign supreme in industries like IT, BPO, Healthcare, Pharma, Shipping, Realty, Insurance and with individual clients, as well.

Our chair designs encourage your good posture naturally. Crafted to support the natural shape of your body, they reduc the stress on your muscles and the friction in your bones. Our ergonomic seating solutions provide excellent lumbar support by preventing slouching and maintaining the natural spine curvature.

Essentially, at Maxiims, ​we’ve got your back.

Our Story

The year was 1992, the pre-internet era. India was riding the new wave of liberal economic reforms. Jeetu Dave, an aspiring entrepreneur, recognised the favourable retail environment and set shop as an interior accessories dealer. His products included the coveted Venetian Blind and PVC, vinyl, and wooden flooring. Jeetu’s attention to detail, competitive pricing and customised solutions were instrumental in growing the business by leaps and bounds. Life, as he knew it, was good. And then came 1994 with a twist in the plot.

“Can you make a chair?”

The question was simple, but out of syllabus, as Jeetu puts it. Never the one to back down from a challenge, he gathered a few tools and set about the task right at home. The idea was not to answer in the affirmative but to offer a superlative product in response. Right enough, he went hammer and tongs on the project and crafted a five-pronged, upholstered revolving office chair.

That was the cornerstone for
Maxiims Concept Chairs.

Cut to 2016, when Parth J Dave decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. And he decided he wanted to get into the nuances of comfortable seating. The biggest misconception is that if a chair looks good, it must be comfortable, Parth says. He knew that many players in the market were selling the concept of ‘ergonomic’, but barely anyone could do what they could.

He decided to take
Maxiims to the next level.

Quality over variety, Curation over standardisation, Durability over planned obsolescence and Health over commerce - these four pillars are the foundation of the new and improved organisation. Customers are encouraged to visit and experience the product range and are offered customised seating solutions right to the colour and style.

Parth is known as the Seating Specialist, and rightly so.

He is changing slouching, pain, and discomfort to happy smiles, one Maxiims Chair at a time.

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